Request a PR (non-training) Event

ONLY referring or receiving customers in our primary service area may request to schedule a PR (non-training) Event with us by completing the form. Please read all the information below before requesting submitting the form. 

After this form is received, the requesting agency will be contacted by someone from Flight For Life.

Note: Submitting a request does not guarantee acceptance or that it will be scheduled. Also, events that are scheduled may be cancelled due to a patient flight, weather or maintenance.

PR (non-training) Events Include:


  • Our helicopter flying to an event at a fire department, EMS, law enforcement, dispatch agency or hospital in our primary service area and staying for one hour.
  • A group coming to our hangar for a tour (these tours may also be requested by student or community groups, but are always subject to approval and helicopter and staff availability)
  • A presentation to a group about Flight For Life (these presentations may be requested by a community group, and do NOT include bringing the helicopter; they are also subject to approval and staff availability)


All PR (non-training) Events are subject to helicopter availability and may be cancelled due to a patient flight, weather or maintenance. Requests are limited to the types of agencies listed above who are within our primary service area and are subject to specific guidelines and approval.

Appropriate landing zone security must be provided by FFL trained fire /EMS personnel. Training of landing zone personnel must have occurred within a two year timeframe prior to the PR.

Each customer may request ONE PR (non-training) Event per year. There is no cost to the customer.

Please remember that filling out the form is a Request Only – it does not guarantee availability or approval.

Important Information

Safety Inservices, Drills, Mock Scenes, Pre-Prom Events, Disaster or Mass Casualty Drills are part of our outreach education and training and are NOT considered PRs. You may request them and learn more about requirements for these events on the Training and Education page.

Use this form if your fire department, EMS, law enforcement, or dispatch agency or hospital is in our primary service area and would like to schedule an event with us.

Requests must come from the fire/EMS group who will be setting up and securing the landing zone. Landing zone personnel must have received their FFL landing zone safety inservice within a two year timeframe prior to the PR.

Hospitals with or without helipads, law enforcement and dispatch agencies may also use this form.

Your local fire/EMS department must be able to set up the landing zone for your event and stay until the aircraft has departed. Please ask them to contact us to schedule the event.

Alternate Scheduling Options

If you would prefer you can still call us to schedule events:

  • For Waukesha Base, call Kathy at (414) 778-5435
  • For McHenry Base, call the Flight Crew at (815) 759-1620
  • For Fond du Lac Base, call Jayce at (920) 251-9387