Request a Shift In Flight Comm

Flight For Life’s Communications Center Observational Experience (CCOE) program is available to fire, EMS, law enforcement, dispatch and clinical hospital personnel as well as paramedic students in our primary service area who have a minimum of one year of experience. Our Flight Communications Center is located at our Waukesha base.


Sign-up Instructions

Complete this form to request a Communications Center Observational Experience (CCOE) with us.

After this form is received you will be contacted to schedule your shift. Be sure to read the CCOE Information as well as the FFL Confidentiality Agreement.

Important Information

This will be an OBSERVATIONAL experience only.

Requirements for a Communication Center Observational Experience (CCOE):

  • 911 Dispatchers, EMT-B, EMT-I, Paramedic, First Responder, Law Enforcement and Firefighters, LPN, RN, MD
  • Minimum of one year of recent experience
  • Must be present for mandatory crew safety briefing which begins at 8:30 am
  • Must sign a Release of Liability, Confidentiality Agreement for patient information, and provide emergency contact names and numbers.

The CCOE Program is only available to those customers who work in FLIGHT FOR LIFE's primary service area.

Shift Opportunities

Every effort will be made to accommodate your day and time needs. You may schedule for a minimum of four hours, and a maximum of eight hours. Observational shifts are offered between 8 am and midnight.


  • Interested? Complete the form below and someone will call you back to schedule your shift.
  • Please call the Flight For Life Communication Center at (414) 778-3466 two hours prior to the start of your shift to confirm your shift, as we may not be flying due to weather or maintenance.
  • The Flight For Life Communication Center is located our Waukesha Base, which is at Waukesha County Airport - Crites Field. The address is 2661 Aviation Road, Waukesha, WI 53188.

What to Bring & Wear

  • Photo Identification
  • Money for meals /Bag lunch
  • Please wear your department issued uniform or dark pants/cargo-type pants (NO JEANS) and a polo-type shirt.  Sturdy/Hard-soled shoes (NO GYM SHOES, FLIP FLOPS or OPEN-TOED SHOES)


  • Once per year
  • If a CCOE participant does not show up for their scheduled shift, they will not be eligible to re-schedule for one year
  • If Flight For Life cancels the CCOE or the CCOE participant needs to cancel due to an illness/emergency, they will be  allowed to re-schedule at their earliest convenience.

In the event of a program emergency, the CCOE participant will be asked to leave the Flight For Life Communication Center.