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  • Non-Emergency: 414-778-5427

Flight For Life Central App

Free app for iPhone and Android that makes requesting a medical helicopter easier than ever. Whether you need a helicopter at your hospital or scene, Flight For Life Central gives hospitals, EMS and fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and dispatch centers an alternative method of requesting a helicopter.

Free web-based app now available which allows you to request a medical helicopter from your computer. For more information, contact Scott at srinzel@mrmcffl.org.

How it Works

The Helicopter Activation function (prior registration and approval required) instantly alerts Flight For Life of your location and request for a Flight For Life aircraft.

Simply tapping the Send Alert button allows you to send a text message to Flight For Life that include s your GPS coordinates, name, organization, and hospital unit or dispatch center.

Once Flight For Life receives your request for the helicopter via the App, our Flight Communications Specialist will immediately contact your dispatch center/hospital unit to confirm the need for the helicopter and obtain further information, ensuring the incident command system or usual dispatch process remains in place.

  • Helicopter Activation Module
  • Education and References
  • Internal FFL Staff Resources
  • Contact Information

Web-Based App Training Video

Mobile App Training Videos

Frequently Asked Questions View All FAQ

How do I know when the educational cards are updated?

When updated content is made available, the icon next to each will change. A green icon with “Update” text is displayed. Simply tapping the document will prompt you to download the most current one. Downloading an update automatically replaces the existing version on your phone, making sure you have access to the most current information available.

Do I need to be “online” to view the educational cards found on the App?

 No!  You can download all or selected educational cards found on the App to your smart phone.  Once you do this you can view the cards at any time, whether you are on or offline..

Is the FFL Central App available for download by the general public?

The FFL Central App is made available to the general public via the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store free of charge. Anyone who is interested in utilizing the helicopter activation module must register in advance and be approved prior to first use. Those simply interested in learning more about the program, our educational offerings, or contact information can do so immediately upon downloading the App.

What if I get a new phone? Do I need to do anything regarding the use of the FFL Central

Yes! It is the actual phone that is registered, NOT the person who owns it. So if you get a new phone, you must re-register your new phone. After downloading the FFL Central App on your new device, you will be automatically prompted to re-register when attempting to use the Helicopter Activation module.