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FFL Has Communication Specialist of the Year 2015

Flight For Life Communication Specialist Honored with 2015 NAACS Communication Specialist of the Year Award


On Monday night, October 19, 2015, at the Air Medical Transport Conference in Long Beach, California, Steph Wilson, Flight For Life Communication Specialist, was recognized as the 2015 National Association of Air Medical Communication Specialists (NAACS) Communication Specialist of the Year.

This prestigious award is presented by NAACS to a communication specialist who has demonstrated enthusiasm and excellence in their field. Steph was specifically recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty in her promotion of safety, both in the communications center and throughout the entire Flight For Life organization. All fifteen NAACS board members unanimously voted Steph as the 2015 recipient.

Steph has been a communication specialist with Flight For Life since 2011. She is licensed in the State of Wisconsin as an EMT-Intermediate and a NAACS Certified Flight Communicator. She is a single mother of a 5-year-old son, but on many occasions has gone above and beyond to ensure there is adequate staff in the Flight For Life Communications Center, even though that means taking time away from her family life.

As a Flight For Life Communication Specialist, Steph brings professionalism, compassion and dedication to the job every day. She places tremendous importance on the safety of the flight crews. This emphasis on safety was highlighted in the nomination letter that detailed an occurrence last year where one of the Flight For Life aircraft was struck by a bird during a flight. Steph dealt with this stressful situation in a calm professional manner. She immediately located an alternate landing site for the aircraft and flight crew, resulting in a safe, uneventful landing. This incident earned her a FFL Safety Award and was a major factor in the NAACS Board of Directors decision to select her for this award.

Steph’s passion and dedication for her job as communication specialist, while always keeping the safety of the Flight Crews a priority, has earned her the respect of her colleagues. She was nominated for this award by one of her co-workers, Cory Lund, who stated, “If not for Steph’s compassion for the job as communication specialist and her dedication to safety, who knows where the Flight For Life’s Communication Center would be today!”

Flight For Life has flown over 34,000 patients throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. As a communication specialist, Steph is a critical component of each emergent transport, working behind the scenes to ensure the safety and efficiency for the patient, first responders, and the Flight For Life crew. We could not be more proud of Steph winning this award – a pinnacle of achievement that recognizes all that she gives to Flight For Life and the communities we serve.




ffl - 10/22/2015