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  • Non-Emergency: 414-778-5427

About Flight For Life

Our Mission

FLIGHT FOR LIFE will provide safe, high quality, customer-oriented and efficient medical transportation, with a commitment to education.

Our Vision


FLIGHT FOR LIFE will be the premier Critical Care Air Medical Transport Program serving our communities by linking those with illness or injury to resources which provide the optimum in medical care and outcomes.


Our Shared Values 

1. FLIGHT FOR LIFE is committed to providing critical care transport that regards safety as paramount.

2. FLIGHT FOR LIFE is a premier critical care air medical transport program dedicated to providing services to everyone.

3. FLIGHT FOR LIFE believes those with illness or injuries have the right to high quality, informed and dignified care.

4. FLIGHT FOR LIFE will provide an environment that is supportive of professional growth and development.

5. FLIGHT FOR LIFE staff will be well versed in technical and clinical innovations.

6. FLIGHT FOR LIFE values education and evidence-based practice.

7. FLIGHT FOR LIFE will have a positive influence on every person every day.

Our Service Area

The map highlights Flight For Life’s primary service area.


The Waukesha Base, located at Waukesha County Airport, Crites Field, also houses our communication center and corporate offices.Continue Reading


The Burlington Base located at the Burlington Municipal Airport Continue Reading

What We're Up To

Medical Capabilities

FFL is equipped to handle the most critical of patients. Our teams undergo extensive ongoing training and are able to perform advanced procedures that prepare them for a variety of medical conditions and injuries.

Patients from referring hospitals or pre-hospital scene calls are transferred to receiving facilities that provide the specialty care needed. Direct access is provided to the following intensive care services: trauma, cardiac, STEMI, stroke, neurological injuries (including spinal cord and head trauma), limb replantation, burn, pediatric, neonatal, high-risk obstetrics, surgery, critical care medicine, organ procurement, and HBO (hyperbaric oxygen therapy). Teams can administer and continue the infusion of a variety of drugs including tPA. They are also trained and skilled at performing advanced airway procedures. Flight For Life can transport the most complex cardiac patients, from those on balloon pumps to those with LVAD or BiVAD devices.

CAMTS Accreditation

FFL has been CAMTS accredited since 1996.

Flight For Life was the first program in the state of Wisconsin to achieve accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS). FLIGHT FOR LIFE has been re-accredited every three years since receiving its initial accreditation in 1996. This voluntary accreditation process evaluates a program’s compliance with specific national standards regarding air medical transport.