Communication Center Remodel

The Flight For Life Communication Center is an integral part of our program. Our Communication Specialists are vital in our day-to-day operations. Utilizing Computer Aided Dispatch software, the Communication Specialists coordinate flight activities such as: Taking and managing a flight request, coordinating a public relations event, or tracking training and maintenance flights all while providing top notch customer service. They are responsible for the necessary radio communication to the crew, hospitals, and EMS agencies on scene which helps ensure a safe environment while taking off and landing. Many of our calls for service involve many moving parts and the Communication Specialists must ensure that all involved parties have the required information in time. FFL is committed to ensuring that our employees have the tools they need to succeed by looking for ways to improve their work environment. The investment Flight For Life has made in upgrading the Communication Center includes ergonomically compliant equipment, additional monitors to track all required activity, and enhancements to the overall environment which allow the Communication Specialists to complete their responsibilities more efficiently.