Dead or Alive, You Decide

Flight For Life offers a presentation to help prevent distracted driving among teens and young adults. This program titled “Dead or Alive, You Decide” is provided to area high schools and at community events to share firsthand experiences with distracted driving and the impact that it can have on so many others. Many of the events would include a staged- or mock-traffic accident which would include actors and actresses in full moulage to simulate injuries. FFL would then bring the aircraft on scene and transport a “simulated patient” to the local hospital to give the students an accurate picture of the events that can occur during a traffic accident.

After a lapse in being able to offer this experience, one of our Flight Nurses has done a tremendous job updating the distracted driver program to make the presentation apply to what providers face today.

We were fortunate enough to be invited out to the Cedar Grove-Belgium High School to participate in a mock scene/all-school presentation. It was a wonderful event that was captured by several news agencies. A link to the story can be found here.

We look forward to providing this presentation to communities in Southeast WI. If you would like to plan an event, complete the form under Communication Outreach section.